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About 17erez
March 2015
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17erez's Favorite Questions
Q : I've always wondered, what does your name mean?
ro9about a year ago
A : Well the 17 in some video games makes it look like a "P" so 17erez, is really just my last name "Perez". And thanks for the question. :3
Q : nice work bro keep it up
chuck.norrisabout a year ago
A : Thank you! Whatever you say Mr.Norris! *bows down*
Q : How do you come up with interesting/funny ideas for a comic strip?
romaviela11 months ago
A : The ideas just come to me I guess. A lot of my comics are things that actually happened but with little twists or added things for comedic effect. Take ideas and think "how would this be more entertaining for others?" That's how I think of ideas. But everyone is different...Do what you think would make a good comic.
Q : S-Senpai...notice me?
memelover200110 months ago
A : Noticed.
Q :

Come back you amazing baka! I miss you ;-;

UltimateBeatdownabout a month ago
A :

I miss you too. I'll probably come back sooner or later. No certain answer though. Just don't wanna come back filled with all the anger, sadness and hate I've been feeling lately. A whiny teenager that looks like he's overreacting on things doesn't seem like a good thing to see on a feed filled with memes.

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