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About BM516
(I am a guy FYI, and I have autism too. I'll let a few jokes pass just don't over do it.) New content everyday! Regular memes, anime related content, Youtube vids, and reactions gifs. Quiet like Kotomi in real life, talkative on here, overall just your everyday nice guy/otaku who is into anime, wrestling, and baseball.
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BM516's Favorite Questions
Q : i have some question:
where did you get idea to your profile name?
what is/are your favorite anime(s)?
what anime genres you like?
11tontsa11about a year ago
A : My profile name's kinda funny. It's based of my XBL gamer tag in B1GM4X516, and I just shortened it. I was deciding if I should add my Chinese name to it but MC wouldn't let me use it.

My favorite anime are Sailor Moon, Black Rock Shooter, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and (pretty soon) Kill La Kil!

Mines a 3 way tie between drama, comedy, and action!

Appreciate the question! :3
Q : 50 followers. why? why! you deserve much more!
11tontsa11about a year ago
A : x3
Q : Would you rather have an overly attached or a mentally insane girlfriend? And why?
merkmakerabout a year ago
A : Overly attached. 'cause, like Kurumi, she may seem insane but they're good inside. :3
Q : Post some Date a Live plot! And I really like your cover photo! It's just too good!
elegantkingabout a year ago
A : Ahhh I was planing on doing that here a little later. And thank you! Once I'm done with mid terms next week and less tired from it, I might make you and a couple others one.
Q : Hey man, i am missing your posts. Are there problems in real live or out of ideas?
merkmakerabout a year ago
A : Nah! Man, school's just been tiring me out. I'll back to posting tomorrow. Since next week is gonna easy.
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