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From Your Sexual Fantasies, 18 years old.
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About UltimateBeatdown
[Sorry for being inactive,real life issues are strangling me right now,will be back on Monday.]Welcome to my Memecenter page of nonsense, fetishes and belly rubbing.Just call me UB or Beaty for short.Memecenter took my life long time ago,not that I had one to begin with.I'm just an otaku who makes anime and vocaloid related memes whenever motivation hits.I'm the creepy baka of Team BEDUM,I love pies,gundams,weird fetishes and horror to death.Merkmaker is my lewd and sweet onee-chan,she's kawaii as fuck and eats cookies with milk before bedtime.Ecchiking is the otaku events guy and my Otouto,but he's also Batman,he fights crime and evil and he isn't afraid of anything.Darkwerewolf is my flat friend,no boobs at all,totally a flat board.Bm516 is my sugoi sports baka buddy,don't you dare touch my Kurumi!
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UltimateBeatdown's Favorite Questions
Q : I'd like to be your apprentice, will you accept?
ecchiking3 months ago
A : well,it wouldn't bother me being your senpai..
Q : UltimateBeatDown, why do I crave to eat mexican food with you?
azzam18083 months ago
A : well,i like mexican food so it would be fine.But then we have to eat japanese food.
Q : From an ammount from 1 - 10: How baka are you?~~
merkmaker3 months ago
A : don't call me baka you baka!(10)
Q : Kurumi your waifu too? :3
BM5163 months ago
A : yup,im into yandere characters x3
Q : what's the secret of a perfect plot?
craftypasta3 months ago
A : I'm afraid i can't answer that question my friend,that's the quest of the new generation.
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