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Q : when did you become Little monster?
i became a little monster since between the fame monster and born this way.
At first i love her fashion,song and her craziness but after born this way i love her because she like to be her self^^
How about you?
winn.amza3 months ago
A : Since 2009 before when The Fame Monster wasn't released I liked few songs from The Fame album but loved Fame Monster. I wasn't really a fan but after listening to Poker Face, Bad Romance, Judas and Alejandro I got crazy about her. And the reason I love her so much is that she is different from many other artists. Born this way was very inspirational album I still listen to it whenever I want :D I can't live a day without listening to her beautiful voice. Good to meet a little monster here <3
Q : bro your memes are super awesome :D stay awesome bro ;)
ahad.sikhaki3 months ago
A : Thank you sooooo much Ahad Bro :3 it means so much to me, and you too stay awesome as always \m/
Q : Quick question:are you THE Heavy Weapons Guy?
antimanele1042 months ago
A : You mean my username? No I'm not, actually it's reference from a song Heavy Metal Lover and the name seemed long to me when I was making this account so I just made it short to Heavy :)
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