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From United States, 15 years old.
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About agarcia11
You are not a mistake. You are not a collection of the accomplishments you failed to achieve. YOU ARE NOT A SERIES OF WRONG TURNS. YOU ARE NOT A SERIES OF MISSTEPS. You are not governed by a fear of regret. you are not a collage of carefully guarded shame. you are not a slave to randomness. You are not a perpetually in a state of narrowly avoiding tragedy. You are not too stupid for this. you are not too ugly for this. you are not too boring for this. YOU ARE NOT A SUPPORTING CHARACTER IN YOUR OWN STORY. you are not defined by your career. you are not defined by your bank account. you are not defined by your popularity. YOU ARE NOT WHAT THEY YELLED AT YOU. you are not a loser. you are not a freak. you are not a failure. you are not past your prime. you are not too old to matter. you are not too young to matter. you are not insignificant. you are not easy to forget. you are not an annoying song stuck in out heads. you are not beyond forgiveness. you are not too weak to make a difference. you are not too inaudible to be heard. YOU ARE NOT TOO LOST TO FIND YOUR WAY BACK. YOU ARE NOT TOO LATE. Its important to remember who and what you are. ITS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE NOT.
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Q :

Do you prefer chakrams or giant shurikens?

manakal..7 months ago
A :

Hmm probably chakrams

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