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From Lithuania, 16 years old.
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About akirasukashi
Proud to be the closet filler<br>I like living with my mommy :)
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akirasukashi's Favorite Questions
Q : i love your art style so cute and your avatar is cute too just wanna hug him XD quick question, have you had art lessons or do you just like art and practice like crazy? =^-^=
gothypingu10 months ago
A : Ow mai, sorry for late reply (=v=)
Nyuu *hugs back*
I'm a self-taught artist. Nah, I don't practice haha, I'm lazy. My art style changes in every comic just because I have an art block or can't choose which one I like better :3
Q : What do you use to draw :3
wendythedevil9 months ago
A : Kanvus life 106 tablet and paint tool SAI, I also use Manga studio 5 for some of my non-comic drawings =w=
Q : are you dead?
yicheorocks8 months ago
A : Yes... And yes, we get free WiFi in Hell c: Grim said hi by the way...
Q : I ****ing love your comics :3. They are my favourites from the whole MemeCenter ^^. You,man, are awesome.
biop7 months ago
A : I love you, for the name of St. Peter's keys!!! >w<
Q :

y u no better rank and level? ._. u deserve it ._. i remember when you were like 2 levels above me but now i'm the better one :( (mostly because i post a lot of shit :P) i wish you get even more followers :)

memer5fanabout a month ago
A :

Thank you so much! My finals finally ended and now I have more free time. Making a comic takes a lot of time 1. Idea 2. Don't loose the idea 3. Sketch 4. Lineart 5. colors +shading 6. background 7. formatting, so I could upload it on memecenter. The last comic I've done was being re formatted over and over again, so file wouldn't be too large. But I'm glad you like my art, thanks again! ^^

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