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From Anime World, 334 years old.
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About alex.dagos
Well, the only thing I do is watch anime, so here my top anime list: 1 Code Geass(duh) 2 Guilty Crown 3 Angel Beats 4 Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai 5 Sword Art Online 6 Mirai Nikki 7 Watamote 8 Elfen Lied 9 Bleach 10 Another
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alex.dagos's Favorite Questions
Q : Why am I not following you?
bokscheck5 months ago
A : Because after all this practise in school, it'd be impossible for someone to follow me without me noticing. I'd probably have disapeared from sight or purposely lead you to a trap that I set somewhere. Later I'd be the one following you and learn secrets that you'd kill to keep hidden. After that I'd meet you by "luck" somewhere and act cool and all until we are alone and I say something shocking that I couldn't possibly know and have an epic superior moment with low lighting and stuff.
Q : You Love Pokemon Right
nuclearcrazed5 months ago
A : Ask me litteraly anything from pokedex entries to evolution lines and ways, legendary locations and lore and I will answer everything up to Gen 5.
Q : Where has Beel gone? :O
calzones4 months ago
A : I decided I want to be Lelouch now. The others chose one who fits their personality and character and I don't want to run naked around the house anymore.
Q : is that code geass?
f3arthereaper4 months ago
A : Does it look like Code Geass?
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