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From United Kingdom, 16 years old.
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About alphagusta
----Aspiring Videogame Developer/ Bisexual/an open minded cunt---- So during all of my secondary school I was getting shit for "not doing anything with my life" and being "that little emo kid" by my classmates because of how I would tend to stay inside and just browse the internet in school and it drove me almost suicidal. Whilst this is going on I discovered a game called EVE Online and started up my 14day free trial to within an hour I was a full subscribed member. Not long after I started my account I started to learn how to interact with people on a mature standpoint (which I was sort of lacking IRL) like how to cooperatively work on corporation projects and basic social leisure. One of these people soon became a great friend within the game I started to open up my story to him and it turns out that he also went through a lot of bullying during his time in school and after about 4 hours of talking about it he managed to talk myself out of killing myself and that I should stand up to whoever is bothering me, which is exactly what I did. On the day after I went into my school determined to put a stop to what has been going on for years and approached him when he was alone to offer him a chance to back down or I would flip out with rage. It all stopped for a while but started to happen again a few months later which put me back to where I used to be and once again cut all friendships I had so I could just be alone for even a little bit and once again started to think of killing myself until I talked to my online friend once again but he told me to do something else this time, instead of talking I should put someone in their place. The next day I walked into school like usual and waited for him to arrive and followed him into the corridors and while consumed with rage I punched him so hard that I broke his jaw, then I never had any trouble with anyone after that. in short, I owe my life to EVE Online and my friend although we have never actually met and would not be alive to be writing this today--------- ---------One thing that really annoys me is people who pretend to be "goth" and "emo", we all know who these people are. They go around all day forcefully and very obviously trying to put the impression that something bad has happened to them when the most that can happen to them is that they forget their phone at home. They pretend to like genres of music that they actually never heard of like "yeah man, Skrillex is my favorite band" or "dubstep is the best person ever" and then blast that music on the buses, trains and on the streets at an absurd volume and think that people want to listen to their muffled Skrillex albums. They where the most retarded clothes I have ever seen (granted I don't have the best fashion sense around) like pants that are basically made only of super glued zippers and cheap leather, and how they dye their hair (granted again me and my partner are guilty of this also) like then they have strips of blue and green for no apparent reason just to send someone the impression of them being emo then go in a panic attack when someone does not notice what they have done to their hair whereas for me I barley notice that I have the majority of my fringe in green and if someone notices, great, if not, still great. Then there's me, I act the way I act because it is how I have been told to by those who have oppressed me and beaten me, I dress this and look this way because it helps me to recognize that I should be unique in this world. I listen to this music because it helps me think that I am allowed to enjoy things that most people do not and if that gets me hurt then so be it. Four words: I have a reason. --------- --------- Younger school children are one of the most annoying people that I know (and I mean in my school life, it may be different to yours), now I am not talking about 5 year olds, they have a right to act that way because they're only past toddlers. but when 11 year olds (Year 7 students) and 13 (Year 9) go into secondary school they still act the way that they did in primary which pisses me the fuck off. Granted they do not fully understand how to behave or the other etc's yet but they should think of how they are going to be taking exams in a short few years that will define the rest of their lives when the leave to go to college, university or get a job but they do not understand that, I have seen too many people in my school year (me included for until the very end exams) not be bothered with any of their education and end up with fails for pretty much every subject and I do not want that to happen to these kids because they will be fucked when they leave with bad grades. They also have no idea how bad they act when it considers things they do not like: for instance, I was sitting at the front entrance with one of my friends waiting for her sister and then walks past this little girl playing Pokemon on her Nintendo DS minding her own business until some lad (her age also I think) started giving her shit about it because he did not like Pokemon shouting the most stupid and fucked up insults to try to get her to react to him. Thankfully some other lad came up to him and made him stop (which made no difference as I had already made my mind up about kids because of them). Now this I will take a bit of consideration that for most kids when they come into are just about to hit puberty and will experience emotions that they have never felt before but when they have the balls to go ahead and speak to other people (most often teachers) like they're absolute trash because of simple little things like not getting enough work done or have not done their homework to a good enough standard or even started it at all and start spewing up some of the most violent arguments I have ever seen from a child ( I done volunteer work in the schools social skills class after-school to help out the tutors and believe me, most of it was just people shouting at each other.). Now do not get me wrong, I was just as bad for a time and seeing kids act like this shown me how bad I was with people, not all kids are bad and some of them will go on in life to do great things for both themselves and other people. ---------
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