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Q : will you be my online daughter?
blobbles212about a year ago
A : Yes. Yes I will :3
Q : Since I answered your question, I have a question for you:
What is your LEAST favorite type of music?
Or even better, what are some specific songs that you cannot stand?
justpassingthroughabout a year ago
A : Well, the least type of music I hate is pretty much lame rap and lame pop songs. So, this means that I absolutely hate Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Nicky Minaj, 1D and other stupid people who think they have talent. Idk which songs I should name, I simply hate all of those people's songs.
Q : Why did you have to come over to my question wall and rustle up my jimmies? I was sitting here reading some lovely memes, and all of a sudden *boom* rustling, from out of nowhere.
justpassingthroughabout a year ago
A : Idk. It's my first time doing that xD
Anyways, I'm sowy ;o;
Q : EPIC FAIL! You thought I was gonna talk shit about your artwork? Well I'm not you HEAD BANGER! I'm here to tell you trophy story! HOLY SHIT you FAP? Who was it to LEGOLAS, GIMLI, FRODO, ARAGORN, or GANDALF? What? You met BOB MARLEY to? HAHA! You FOREVER ALONE! How does someone like you manage to survive in the wild with no one? Oh what? GRYLLS taught you how to drink your own piss? That's how you survived! THE END
tauzooabout a year ago
A : Whoa. I didn't see that coming. Thank you for revealing my darkest secrets to the world xD You get a pizza for that.
Q : Well,I'll be,another fellow romanian that I stumble across on MC...You,my lady,just got a new follower.Cheers!
P.S.:nu,nu sunt din Bucuresti,sunt din Galati,daca intrebi. :D
antimanele104about a year ago
A : Awesome c: multumesc frumos! Sa traiesti neica!
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