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About analolumadbro
Weird drawings and comics based on every day life made by a weird girl who listens to awesome music. And my name is "Ana", not "Anal", as my username says. That was a pure coincidence. Anyways, thanks for visiting my profile and I hope you enjoy my work!
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analolumadbro's Favorite Questions
Q : Hey! I see you are from romania too, can you tell me where?Maybe we are in the same location.
LinaEmanuelabout a year ago
A : I'm from Bucharest :3 you?
Q : will you be my online daughter?
blobbles212about a year ago
A : Yes. Yes I will :3
Q : what ya favorit slipknot song:-)?
spsaboboabout a year ago
A : Oh God... oh okay okay here we go. It's really hard to choose one, so I'll just say a bunch of them. *deep breath* Snuff, Psychosocial, Wait And Bleed, My Plague, Surfacing, Sulfur, Left Behind, Stamina, Danger Keep Away, Vendetta, Switch, Dead Memories, Before I Forget, No Life, Eyeless, Only One, People=Shit, Everything Ends, Duality, Spit It Out, SIC and many many others. I have waited for someone to ask me this question :B
Q : I must say, your background is majestic. I never thought you had such a strong love of doge.
bacon_pancakesabout a year ago
A : You got me into it c:
Q : Do you like Grim Reaper, Armored Saint, or Overkill?
666maiden666about a year ago
A : I like Overkill :3
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