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From United States, 29 years old.
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About arcticfox223
An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind.
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arcticfox223's Favorite Questions
Q : HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT TROPHY? be proud no one have it!
agathor2 years ago
A : Your guess is good as mine lol.
Q : really like your art style bro keep it up!! :D
bloodlust-teddy2 years ago
A : Shew, I'll try. Might need some Viagra lololol.
Thanks :D! I'll keep on doing my best!
Q : 1.There are three houses one is red one is blue and one is white. If the red house is to the left of the house in the middle and the blue house is to the right to the house in the middle where is the white house?

2.The day before yesterday, Chris was 7 years old. Next year, she'll turn 10. How is this possible?

3.You are in a cabin and it is pitch black. You have one match on you. Which do you light first, the newspaper, the lamp, the candle or the fire?

I like asking random stuff like this
luminos142 years ago
A : 1. Washington D.C. (nice try)
2. Her birthday is on December 31. (cake)
3.The Match. (Duh)

There you go!
Q : Your comics kinda remind me of Marchen Awakens Romance, how did you develop to this drawing style? :o
zackario2 years ago
A :
Q :

Hey I just have to let you know that I ****ing love your cover photo. The bunny's cuteness is to much to handle.
Keep up the goods!

electricbunny5 months ago
A :

Thanks! That means a ton coming from you! :)

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