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About awesome5
I love you mah followers and non followers! Even the trolls that are trying to piss me off! KISSES AND HUGS ALL AROUND! Btw
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Q : What has gotten into you? You're freakin' KILLING every single comment section today!
bokscheck6 months ago
A : What can I say...I'm gooooood.
Q : whats your favourite episode of bleach?
meghana6 months ago
A : Considering I only watched 157 episodes so far,I'd have to say pretty much every episode where Byakuya appears. My favorite moments so far is when Orihime heals Grimjows arm and then he takes the place he deserves in Espada. EPIC.
Q : 1. if you are Awesome5, then what did happen with Awesome4?
2. is that a ring or donut above your avatar?
bepe4 months ago
A : 1. We don't talk what happened to my predecessor. Let's just say he is in a better place now.
2.In the drawing program I use there's this ring that you click which opens options. I screenshot the image and it stays that way.
Q : How come you get 80 likes for a comment while even the best comments out there gets 50 likes? I am waiting for a real explanation.
naruhodo2 months ago
A : 1st of all you're completely wrong. I tend to even get more than eighty in many situations
2nd of all average amount of upvotes that zain and others get is more than 100
and finally,when a guy ask who are the best commenters on MC I want them to say zain,pana,ace AND awesome5. That's my goal. I'm gonna keep on rocking :D
Q : dude your one of the best commenters on mc any adivce for me im kinda new
paul-walker2 months ago
A : B-baka you're making me blush! Thanks for that. I see you're doing good too. Listen up. The most important thing when commenting is to make it on time! IN THE FIRST 3 MINUTES! First comments tend to be top comments if they are good. Of course you should first see the post someone made to comment. When you see it try to think of a great sentence and/or a pic to go with it. As soon as you do that just upload it fast. Hate on the "first" guys,be fast,think fast,and I hope you'll meet the top!
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