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About bladezt
There is nothing really to know. Just that im posting anime stuff and sometimes game/tv shows related stuff =3= ... Btw why are you even reading this. Its not really important. Stop wasting your time reading this and go make some memes ... wtf are you still doing here! JUST GO! DO IT! Dont let your meme dreams to be dreams! ... Im serious. You just waster few seconds of your life reading this shit. ... for crying it out loud. How dumb can you be? ... Ill do you a favor and stop writing this shit so that you wont read it. ... .... ... Ill stop any moment now. ..STOP IT! Jesus, just go makes some memes and stop reading this shit.. ...
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bladezt's Favorite Questions
Q :

Would you like a muffin

404nousernameabout a year ago
A :

Sure, why the **** not.

Q :

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ How about a hug?

dylan1313about a year ago
A :


Q :

I'm getting so many Holo pics off your AMA

I finally found someone else who gets it

u_knoe_who_this_isabout a year ago
A :

Yup. Holo is officially my waifu.

Q :

wolf girls are best girls (/^-^)/

gearboyabout a year ago
A :

indeed they are ><

Q :

wich is your favorite utau, and vocaloid?

walabixabout a year ago
A :

You can see it on my profile. But i can tell you here too :3. My favorite vocaloids are '' Lily, Luka, IA, Gumi, Kaito and Akaito.''

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