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About cjknight
After I sold my soul to Meme Center, I used the money to buy a pound of bacon.
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cjknight's Favorite Questions
Q : You know I first swang by to say how interesting your country sounded, but I looked it up and all it showed me was this serious medical disease lol.

So is google just being weird on me? Because I hope you don't have that disease, or any others =P
eatmyfist3 months ago
A : It was actually supposed to be the name of the made up country that my favorite book takes place in. I'm not sure if it's some weird coincidence or if the author's trolling.
Q : Are you really 13? Just wondering you seem very mature.

Also wanted to type that I enjoy your content. hope you keep it up as long as you enjoy it.
karlmarxandtheanonsabout a month ago
A : Yes, I really am just 13. Even though I dislike that people judge others by their age I can't deny that they are (slightly) right. You see, some 13-year-olds take advantage of the fact that on the internet you are completely anonymous, and do so y acting like idiots. I decided that if I ever was gonna make a fool of myself on the internet I would do so on purpose or by complete accident. Anyways sorry about this little rant, I just felt like it needed to be said.
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