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About crazybanana
Hello,. You are now entering Crazybanana's page. I love Touhou, metal, Osu!, I spent most of my time on my computer. Sport ? No thanks. I want to rule this world then destroy it. Wait, gotta surrender. I got featured 12 times
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crazybanana's Favorite Questions
Q : YEs another touhou fan
poklowthealienabout a year ago
A : Yes I am, and my mission on Memecenter is to make more Touhou memes! 'cause, ya know... there are not enough.
Q : I herad you like to go in gensokyo.I'm not sure if i'm even allowed to tell you ,But basically, you go to to your settings hover over your location and then click inspect element. form there you should see a highlighted part of the source code and just click that. In the orange where it says value delete that and put whatever you want. and the save. But sure to only delete then orange and nothing else. If you've done it correctly then enjoy if not then..
poklowthealienabout a year ago
A : Yeah! Thank you so much!!
Q :

Hai man,I was wondering,when / from what did you get you Touhou hobby? And if you have any sites suggestions to told me about to discover Touhou a bit much.. ^^' Thanks again, here is a Cirno pic for your own enjoyment (hues)

alex.zemouche10 months ago
A :

My Touhou hobby started one year ago, my brother showed me the Bad Apple!! clip. I searched for some Touhou pic, and then a Touhou fan freind of mine offered me some Touhou games. And then, I became obsessed with Touhou.
If you wanna discover TOuhou, go there :
Every games, fan-made and official, tons and tons of musics, pictures, doujins... Heaven. Thanks for the ball ! (wut)

Q :

Keep going with your awesome work, m8

u.wot7 months ago
A :

'kay. Have a Zun pic as a thank

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