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From United States, 19 years old.
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About curlyq
Quite honestly, I have the slightest idea of what I'm meant to scribe here; I suppose simple facts and descriptions of myself and my life are adequate. I'm just as any individual over the Internet- somewhat anonymous and unknown to anyone. I've been an honor student during my entire school career, majoring in English, German, Mathematics, and History; if you have any questions pertaining the subjects I've listed, feel free to ponder aimlessly or just ask me. I live within the "hateful" and "idiotic" state of the United States of America, with my genes originating from the people of Sicily and Germany. I do not associate myself with any particular fandom, primarily because I believe that following anything immensely is quite strange; not to confuse you, I do appreciate fantasy and historical novels, particularly by Stephen King and Ray Bradbury. My hobbies revolve around art, study, and video games, with my favorites being the Fallout Series, the work of Jackson Pollock, and World Historical Study. And that's all I wish to reveal about my person; I'd rather not discuss my religious views because I believe they're irrelevant to nearly all topics of conversation, except for historical and cultural discussions. So please, have fun browsing the large accolade of content within MemeCenter. Habe Spaß meinen Freundin!
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