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About cuteasfuck
We love cute animals. We are long time memecreators and decided to start posting cute memes. We love it one of the best hobbies ever (there are 2 admins). So if you see us arguing in comment section don't be scared. (almost all the pictures we use are from /r/aww, we caption them)
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cuteasfuck's Favorite Questions
Q : ermagherd why are you so awesome??? :D
fartfart11 months ago
A : fartfart you crazy man
Q : I always wanted to ask you this and I heard some people say the answer....I herd u liek mudkipz :3
gamingderpy10 months ago
A : Aleks?
Q : cats or cats?
terrru9 months ago
A : idk lemme think about it
Q : How in the barbecue flying armadillo bottle of spinach do you manage to get so many pics of cute animals!?
mr.you8 months ago
A : I am a shape shifter they are all pictures of me don't tell anyone.
Q : Could you show me the picture of the most goddamn cutest thing you ever did see?
curlsey8 months ago
A : Do you honestly believe that you can handle the absolute cuteness overload that will ensue?
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