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About darkwerewolf
Only thing you need to know is that i am lazy as fuck(so lazy only 5 hours after writing this i realized i didn't save it)
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darkwerewolf's Favorite Questions
Q : Hmmmm.... I may be a witness of a great commenter here... have a follow from me.
awesome5about a year ago
A : Thank you may the shadows hide you.
Q : Infinity Blade! I just hope you know who is the guy you put as your profile pic!
awesome5about a year ago
A : yes i know he is elsword after obtaining the conwell and geting the power of the dark el inside himself to power conwell its the only character that i have in elsword that i got up to lvl 30 (he is 46 right now)
Q : Holy hell you are from Anime World =D tell me about this magic place =D
imnotrudeabout a year ago
A : It's a place where your imagination is the only barrier you have you can do whatever you want to but you have to be careful to not interfere with the creations of the other inhabitants it can get scary fast when someone decides to start a fight
Q : I hope you know that you're my favorite follower <3
elisabeth_endabout a year ago
A : omg this just makes me so ... thanks i will just go to my corner and cover myself with a blanket
Q : Hey, fresh prince! Who is your senpai?
voltzabout a year ago
A : My senpai is kupo707-senpai
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