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From United States, 16 years old.
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About dashattack11
Welcome to my page everyone! I am a sketch artist, serious gamer, and a brony. I live in the United States, specifically Georgia. Feel free to ask questions or message me and i will respond as soon as possible! If you want to talk just ask on my Ask Me Questions page, as my phone does not receive MC messages
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dashattack11's Favorite Questions
Q : what's your favorite weapon from gears of war?
tau_zoo71342 months ago
A : That's a tough question.... Before Gears 3 I have to say the Hammerburst as it had amazing power and accuracy. But I fell in love with the Retro Lancer in Gears of War 3 because of its power. (Not to mention the awesome executions and charges) You?
Q : Who is your favorite pony?
unknownpegasusabout a month ago
A : Hmmm Vinyl/Octavia being as im a band nerd. However my favorite from the mane 6 would probably be pinkie pie. I love breaking the fourth wall.. And you?
Q : You say your from Georgia? How are the peaches there?
megamanlan10about a month ago
A : Very juicy an delicious, I do say. If you want, I can get some good ones through some of my contacts, for a price...
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