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From Anonymous Proxy, 120 years old.
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About dead5dealer5
Im your everyday gamer/otaku who likes creeping on MC. PM me if you're bored or something ^-^ P.S. I can be found on other websites/games with the user: dead5dealer5 or FlamingFury5 (I have a thing for the number 5 ok?)
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Q :

Are there 5 of you, or just one with 5 personalities? Or maybe 5 each with 5 personalities? Or are you in fact non-existent?

mystthemartiancatabout a month ago
A :

Hmm, I've never thought about it that way. But I guess you could say I'm in fact non-existent as a physical form. I AM EVERYTHING. I AM INFINITE. I AM INTERNAL.

Q :

What is your biggest fear?

A :

My biggest fear is not having any notifications on any of the sites that I visit (mostly memecenter) because i will get bored as fuk. But my IRL fear is........I guess not having any way to connect to the internetz :D

No life FTW!

Q :

What is your opinion on the MC Community?

mc_question_surveysabout a month ago
A :

Well, it does have more trolls and the "I work at home for 2 hours and gain 124635$ a week" people, but overall I think its pretty good. :D

Q :

Your manly icon destroys me sir bravo, I shall follow now. Also how are you?

deathwatch11626 days ago
A :

haha thx a lot for for the follow :D Im feeling great anyway

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