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From The Other Side, 666 years old.
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About deathunter
What the fuck did you just say about my electronegativity you little oxide? Ill have you know I graduated top of my group in the periodic table and Ive been involved in numerous redox reactions with Lewis bases and I have over 300 confirmed ligands. I am feasible in heterozygous catalysis and Im the top E value in the electrochemical series. You are nothing to me but just a galvanic cell. I will wipe you out with oxidation the likes of which has never been seen before on this Universe, mark my charge. You think you can get away with trying to oxidise a ketone? Think again fucker. As we speak I am conducting a series of mass spectrometry trials and your m/z ratio is being determined so you better prepare for the bombardment. The bombardment that causes fragmentation on the pathetic thing you call your molecular structure. You’re optically inactive kid. I can be anywhere attack from above or below the plane and that’s just to form chiral compounds. Not only am I extensively trained in organic chemistry but I have access to all the equipment in a lab and I will use it to its full extent to oxidise your miserable ass off the face of this beaker you little racemate. If only you could have known that the reduction your little comment was about to bring down on you, maybe you wouldnt have been so electronegative. But you werent you didnt and now youre undergoing nitration you goddamn idiot. I will shit benzene all over you and you will undergo addition. Youre fucking aromatic kiddo! <i><b>~~The Reapers~~ <b>DeatHunter, mirG_repaeR, TheForgottenHorseman
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deathunter's Favorite Questions
Q :

Can you give me a hint on how to make gifs like those rock song pause ones you make ?

fifouilleabout a year ago
A :

Hint: Paint.NET [now we wait for bloatarder to see this and go crazy]
But no srsly, I just made a random picture with the effects, made a lil bar in the middle, wrote the songs and used the ALIGN OBJECT plugin to center it inside the box, then i saved them all as different pictures and implemented them all in different frames in gifmaker! Simple as that!

Q :

when was the last time you changed your avatar?

usain-boltabout a year ago
A :

Around 2 months ago

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