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From United States, 18 years old.
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About derpcouch3
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derpcouch3's Favorite Questions
Q : not a question just want to say thanks, you are really help me much :D have a great time.
tahilalatsabout a year ago
A : Thanks dude,i'll always be here to answer questions and help out people. Keep up the good posts dude!
Q : Wow........Im still wondering when you will have more than 1000 followers....shouldnt be to long :3
elmuszabout a year ago
A : Thanks for the support dude!
Q :

What types of questions do you like being asked on you ama?

brenda_ramos27about a year ago
A :

People hardly ask me anything,so i'll answer anything

Q :

Why do you have to be such a derp couch?

vekstabout a year ago
A :

It's in my name,sometimes I mess up,sometimes I do bad things,but I learn from my mistakes. I do my best to be better at what I can do. No-one is perfect,and I know that,I don't like to look back at what I did in the past because I already learned from those experiences,but sometimes someone brings up what I did in the past to try and hurt me,which is what happened time and time again,but I pull through. My name is derpcouch3,and I make mistakes because I am human,I am not perfect.

Q :

How did you thought of the name?

hyruk11 months ago
A :

I used to have these accounts: derpcouch,derpcouch1,and derpcouch2. They used to be troll accounts where I edited others art work,some people liked it and hated it,those got banned. Derpcouch3 was going to be my last troll account before I stop trolling and go back on my first account: omgoshers. I edited a user named pokemon-chick-1's post and she messaged me and said to fix something on it,and after a long discussion she inspired me to draw on my own. So now I use this account,not omgoshers.

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