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Everything is just....Lovely.
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don_vader's Favorite Questions
Q : Unknownjedi is following you?!
I mean... He's a Jedi... You're a Sith lord...
I'm confused..
starkillerrx8 months ago
A : Shhhh StarKiller. You're training is yet not complete in the Force. You will know soon enough the full extent of the Force. Let us enjoy the moment.
Q : Do you prefer droids or clones?
tauzoo7 months ago
A : Well, it depends on what type of Droids. You have the standard B1 Trade Federation Battle Droids. Your Much stronger B2 Cooperate Alliance Battle Droids. And then there's the Imperial project, Dark Troopers, which are not only much more powerful and smarter, but also have wide array of tools and weapons to subjugate their opponent. In the long haul though, Human soldiers and clones will always be better. Reason being is the ability to think freely and solve problems.
Q : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Where did you get your name from?
unceldolan7 months ago
A : Well, this is this Spanish parody, I forgot what it is called but Darth Vader was called Don Vader instead. Because I'm from Mexico., I thought that would be a cool name. To tell the truth my name means a lot to me. I can relate to Darth Vader in more ways that one, but that's A story for a different time, for it is a long one.
Q : What´s your favourite episode? Mine is III :3
marek.hatala.927 months ago
A : I would have to say three as well, but four also because we see how much Anakin has changed since before The Duel on Mustafar and cements of appearance of a Ruthless heartless man in a suit. Which in reality, is not true. Darth Vader is such a sad character. What you see is a man who has lost everything. You see a man who has committed so much evil he no longer recognizes himself. You see a man who must live with everything he has done everyday of his life. A man who is not the victor but the
Q : que parte de mexico
jaime.lubcke.78 months ago
A : Vivo en Rosarito, Baja California.
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