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Summer has past.... the innocent never last...
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don_vader's Favorite Questions
Q : Unknownjedi is following you?!
I mean... He's a Jedi... You're a Sith lord...
I'm confused..
starkillerrx9 months ago
A : Shhhh StarKiller. You're training is yet not complete in the Force. You will know soon enough the full extent of the Force. Let us enjoy the moment.
Q : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Where did you get your name from?
unceldolan8 months ago
A : Well, this is this Spanish parody, I forgot what it is called but Darth Vader was called Don Vader instead. Because I'm from Mexico., I thought that would be a cool name. To tell the truth my name means a lot to me. I can relate to Darth Vader in more ways that one, but that's A story for a different time, for it is a long one.
Q : What´s your favourite episode? Mine is III :3
marek.hatala.928 months ago
A : I would have to say three as well, but four also because we see how much Anakin has changed since before The Duel on Mustafar and cements of appearance of a Ruthless heartless man in a suit. Which in reality, is not true. Darth Vader is such a sad character. What you see is a man who has lost everything. You see a man who has committed so much evil he no longer recognizes himself. You see a man who must live with everything he has done everyday of his life. A man who is not the victor but the
Q :

so, don vader what are your thought on the upcoming ep. 7? are you a fan of jj abram films?

unknownjedi4 months ago
A :

I'm excited to see what they're are going to make a movie about. Concerning J.J Abrams, I think he did a great job on the Star Trek films. I just hope he in some way, uses the cast from the original films, i,2 and 3, included. I also hope to see some familiar charterers. I personally want to see a story on how Boba Was raised or even Maybe even the origins of Darth Maul.

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