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From United Kingdom, 13 years old.
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About doxlulzem
I fully support gay rights and marriage. Fuck your puritan shit. Gays are PEOPLE, not some dogshit on the bottom of your shoe. Go fuck off to Texas if you don't like gays. No, in fact, go fuck off to Mercury if you don't like gays. This is Memecenter, not a "Gays. Right or wrong" shitforum. Fucking cunts. Moving on swiftly... I'm a person who has a severe addiction to OpenTTD. If you play it hmu. I like yuri, tomatoes, the internet, my hand, OpenTTD and some other shit. Pm me cuz I'm lonely all the time
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Q : If you had a nuke what place would you blow up?
thechosenspoon7 months ago
A : Either my school, as I live in the north east of the UK and its full of chavs, or my neighbour as he always parks outside OUR house, and we have terraced houses so we don't have garages or driveways or even front yards. Ahhh Cleveland.
Q : What if I told you...that Hatsune Miku's name isn't Hatsune? It's Miku
bokscheck6 months ago
A : Hah. Lol I kinda already knew that
Q : dude u actually watch tentacle hentai ( you are 13 right?)( there are some wierd ass bugs on the mc age system) that's some wierd ass shit... so Q: u really watch that special kind of hentai?
d3athstar5 months ago
A : *scoffs*
*Looks away*
*Looks down*
*Runs away*
Q : Hi, i see you like vocaloid too.. by any chance u have account? :D
thekejjo5 months ago
A :
Q : Your avatar is so freaking kawaii >.<
merkmaker3 months ago
A : Aww thanks :3
I weally like Espurr. HE's like the best Pokémon ever <3
Even is he is a bit... different...
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