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eatmyfist posted a status update

So my Aunt and Uncle have been having this fruit fly problem. So I cut a lemon in half and left it on the kitchen counter. Every now and then I'd go to the lemon with a can of hair-spray and a BBQ lighter and quickly torch them.

Today I went back and I see more fruit flies just walking over the charred remains of their friends and family to get at more of the lemon... Fruit Flies are fucking metal dude.

about a month ago
eatmyfist posted a status update

There should be a limit to status posts... Or at least some kind of shock collar installed to people's mouses; If they try to post more than 10 times they get 10,000 volts staight into their arm... Just throwing out ideas admins... Hint hint, nudge nudge.

about a month ago
eatmyfist posted a status update

Holy shit... Robin Williams is dead. That sucks man.

about a month ago
eatmyfist posted a status update

So I had a dream last night where Bulma taught Chi-Chi a new trick to please Goku in bed. In the end result Goku practically blew her head off with his SSJ cum shot....... I have the best dreams.

No but seriously it was hilarious, when I get the hang of drawing I'm making a comic out of it.

2 months ago
eatmyfist posted a status update

Okay, quick update before this ancient "computer" crashes on me again:

My laptop's broken, will be fixed by the end of next weekend hopefully. Depending on what's wrong with it, I might need a new one entirely. So I will be back by either next weekish, or next month give or take.

On my mom's "computer" right now, it's about 8 years old. Getting MC to load was a chore , I don't know what kind of stroke this thing would have if I opened the comments, notifications or my messages.

I'm seeing this thing stutter even as I type this lol. So have fun out there, don't worry I'm not dead, only my laptop is.

3 months ago
eatmyfist posted a status update

I've always wanted to hack Vlade's account and just post a blank image with a single dot as the title. Then I would sit there and watch as people completely rage over how many more likes it would get than their stuff.

Possibly touch myself inappropriately over the fact of knowing I ruined some many people's day. Yes, that would be a good day. (^///^)

3 months ago
eatmyfist posted a status update

So I heard talk of Justsayin making Lucas look like an idiot earlier on. How does this surprise anyone? I don't know if you've noticed, but anyone who thinks Lucas is intelligent are twice as stupid as he is. Justsayin has an actual logical brain.

Everytime I've spoken to Lucas, the kid just parrots shit he's seen in books. Toddlers have the ability to read books, and say something to a parrot enough times it will eventually mimic it. That is not intelligence, not even close. And no, being a pompous little shit in the internet doesn't make you brave, I doubt you have any idea what bravery actually is.

If someone can link me to those comment that'd be nice. I'd like to read this discussion, for I am bored.

3 months ago
My Favourite Hymn Is The Motorboat
eatmyfist posted a status update

Whenever you're feeling down, and that the world is out to get out on those bad days... Always keep in mind there's someone in the world who is way better off than you are for literally no reason, and you will die one day... possibly slowly.

This has been therapy with your friendly neighbourhood Eatmyfist. That'll be $49.99 by the way.

4 months ago
eatmyfist posted a status update

I love internet justice XD

Don't spit in the face of the community, or the community can and will curb stomp you.

4 months ago
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