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You can talk to me about anything!
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elegantking's Favorite Questions
Q : Hardest otaku question,which are your top 3 animes?
UltimateBeatdownabout a year ago
A : 1) Hellsing Ultimate OVA
2) Attack On Titan
3) Mirai Nikki
Not that hard of a question, since they easily make it to the top.
How about you, senpai?
Q : <Suspicious Stare> You are eatmyfist ?
emyyyabout a year ago
A : LOL! No, I'm not! :D
Q : So first off i just wanted to say that you are one of my favorite users her on mc, you are cool, make good post, answer comments, everything. also, are you still taking requests, if you are I would love a chibi stein, if not, it is fine.
profsteinabout a year ago
A : I'm adding a chibi stein to my list of drawing requests. And thanks for the feedback! You're a cool guy too! And I still read this in Stein's voice.
Q :

such elegance, such echhiness... perhaps my favorite user in MC? surely yes!

erhamion95about a year ago
A :

(OoO) I'm your favorite? WOW~! You're definitely on my awesome list!

Q :

When will you be more active, dude ?

( and with this question you finally have 100 questions)

velen.reclance9 months ago
A :

I'm slightly busy. I can't really think of any worthy memes. I don't think you guys deserve shitty content, but I'll come back for Otaku Events soon. Thanks for noticing, that means a lot!

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