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About enor
Like most people here, I enjoy getting featured. But I dont make posts for the features. I make posts for the people here whose support and creativity are worth the time I spend making memes. Thats why most of my posts are MC related and it shall continue that way. Because it makes our community stronger and proud of itself, ♫ I dont have features in my mind, I do it for the lel ♫
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enor's Favorite Questions
Q :

Ben t'a "follow", félicitation xD
(Et je suis ta 1ère question, étrange...)

distorsionabout a year ago
A :

Merci D. Tous s'enchaîne trop vite, c'est chelou XD
(En effet meme si ce n'est pas réellement une question :D.)

Q :

Wow I have 7.26865671642 times the amount of posts you do and you are a higher level, well played my friend, *clap*, well played.

harrysmemesabout a year ago
A :

Thanks but that's doesn't mean anything. Maybe I've deleted some posts ;D

Q :

Are you a waffle?

redtime727about a year ago
A :

I don't know... Isn't a slang word for vagina ?

Q :

Not a question just wanted to say that your posts are awesome and you deserve more followers, keep 'em up.

bakoahmedabout a year ago
A :

Thanks a LOT Bakoahmed, . It made my day ! ^^
I'm having hard time finding new idea these days actually so it means a lot, especially from a top user.

Q :

why u no have moar followers? you got alot of talent man :3

metallionabout a year ago
A :

Oh sorry man. I didn't see your question until now ^^.

Well you tell me, you're the expert =D ! And thanks btw.

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