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From Malaysia, 25 years old.
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About foo.rebellion
This life journey are hard and heavy, want to lighten the journey? Just leave your hatred, jealously, greed, and anger behind. May peace be upon you
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foo.rebellion's Favorite Questions
Q : You have awesome skills :D May I ask what you use to draw?
slxoverlordabout a month ago
A : pencils, pens, some eraser, papers, computer, Photoshop and a scanner. well its kind a awkward when im using both manually and digital. I dont have a tablet....oh the feels! you can check my whole posts if you have the time...
Q : I just noticed your art and I could give it an A from Awesome, and that's why I want to ask for a request, if it's possible
TheFarcasPaulabout a month ago
A : Ahhh!!! Kya!!! Farcas?? This things get better and better!! Sure you can! But im gonna do it on the weekend only, because monday-friday are job day. but anyway you can always ask but i hope not too much of the weirdness
Q : foo what kind of photoshop you use to colour?
theshadowclasher15 days ago
A : Im still old skool, im using cs5. pirated heheh
Q : are you a guy or a girl? or perhaps a pumpkin?(pls dont answer pumpkin)
theshadowclasher10 days ago
A : Im just a simple man with big dream
Q : Favourite weapon of choice?
Do you have an OC?
is it fooreBellion or fooreVellion? your username and wallpaper are different o:
rishabhm1359 days ago
A : 1. Ahh~~ yes weapon of choice...
usually common people would choose a sharp blade, axe or just a firing weapon..
me just want an awesome weapon from Saint Row 4...
The Dubstep Gun!! Wohooo!!! drop the bass!!

2. Ok now the username.. foorebellion was an old username in 2008 i think, and when im making account in MC, i accidentally added the "." in between foo and rebellion, and now I cant edit it back... Hnnghhh
ok now Im just changing to FooRevellion.
ah..its just nothing big actually. heheh
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