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About fudge_packer
i'm just a simple person with a wacky imagination.
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fudge_packer's Favorite Questions
Q : This is question #100
Where is my price? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
merkmaker8 months ago
A : you got two options: You get a letter from a big strong, ***y man who said that you got an hour to run or else he'll rape you brutally..So you run and run after days and days with torn clothes. The big strong ***y man, who is known as "Johnathan" chases you into a jungle...You tired, have set up a trap to finally top Johnathan on his tracks, but it's no use..he found out about the trap and tackled you down on the floor. He beats you, leaving bruises and blood all over you... he turns you around
Q : Is your user name inspired of the episode of south park with fudge packer? :)
A : Funny thing about that, no it wasn't inspired by that. I never saw Episode 200 of south park because it was banned. No i simply wanted to make an account to see NSFW material
Q :

Who are those people in your cover?

merkmaker6 months ago
A :

my OC's that i made, the mom,dad, and there twin siblings

Q :

dewd!!!! the worst anime u hv ever seen? ^_^

revvy6 months ago
A :

black lagoon.. LOL just kidding, probably, Vandred? it was pretty boring

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