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From United States, 19 years old.
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About gamerwhore
Hiya~ i'm GamerWhore, but feel free to call me Whore or Gamer. my real name is Kandice, I don't mind which of the first 2 you can call me. ^w^ i'm a comic artist and a regular artist and i mostly draw when i feel like it or have when I'm really turned on.... ^w^ it's the best feeling to draw while your dripping wet. >o< ~ anyway hehe i found memecenter a while ago but wasn't confident enough that I should cum here. i was afraid of people being mean :'( But i get the opposite reaction to gamer whore ~ the boys love her! :D I drew her aages ago and she is mainly based off of me, <3 the reason I took so long before i could post was bcuz i was waiting for a nice idea of clothes ~ i found a user on mc who has the clothes that i need! they were perfect! >o< i think we will get along find :3 so you could say i drew inspiration from her gamerkiss character <3 anywayz hope you guis will like my comics! :*
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