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About gdamnit
..........................WHERE ARE MY GODDAMN PANTS!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???
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Q : Why dont you post?
zakk.schromabout a year ago
A : Lets see can I finally reply on the ama page itself, (crappy phone says: we shall see loser) me not post cause am lazy. Oh wait, something to add thank ya for da follow. (bows deeply) If this does make it to the ama well.... smack me stupid and call me pickelsthefunkydonky (or not it's up to you)
Q : How did you get 8 followers if you haven't posted anything?
kenpachiramasamaabout a year ago
A : That is a good question, here's my answer: hell if I know.....although it is probly only cause of follow backs, other than that I don't have a clue. (so answers this incompetent monkey)
Q : I know you made alot of accounts and then you made them follow you.
lextherobotabout a year ago
A : My only other account is picklesthefunkycat, so on that one, you are right on the others......WRONG, the others are real and they are just follow backs, execpt redskady, and thedarksorceress. redskady I am still suprised he followed me, and thedarksorceress followed me cause I commented on her 300th post. so there, if you want more proof,........I got nothing so either belive me or don't.
Q : Dude I made it I got featured
blaze0about a year ago
A : I just saw it, (stupid internet died for a long while) all I can say is congrats.
Q : Thank toy so much for following me gdamnit!!
I hope my future posts makes you smile :)
zararcabout a year ago
A : You are welcome, also your posts always make me thank you for the great posts.
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