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From GearGirl World, 15 years old.
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About gear_girl
My real name is Dani. Yes I am a girl. I don't want to draw geargirl anymore... I want to make my own character :D *waits for wacom tablet* :3 i like memecenter because it's fun/funny :P
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gear_girl's Favorite Questions
Q : hi.what's your name?
brutalhunter6 months ago
A : dani :)
Q : Hi! Why did you make this page?
theli6 months ago
A : Cause I love gearboys art and comics! So I wanted to make a fan page for him kinda :D but I do drawings of geargirl on here :)
Q : Excellent your art is.
tau_zoo71346 months ago
A : Thank you! :D
Q : How are you doing!? I know school has been quite a hassle on you. Wish the best for you! Also, what program are you using to draw your pictures? :D
proud4 months ago
A : Aww thanks that's very sweet of you :D I am doing good, I might get a wacom tablet in February which means more drawings :D I use SAI paint tool but I use my mouse to draw my pictures, so that's why i want a tablet so I can draw much more easily, and make my own character maybe :D Thanks for thinking about me :3
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