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From DUBSTEP-CENTRAL, 13 years old.
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About geniecub
As you can see this is my page. I'm slowly rising in ranks...not featured yet though. Umm I'm a perv, so don't get confused if I do something pervy, I love talking so send a message. Oh yes one more thing. These people are my family: 17erez, memelover2001, iikureio, and demontaderp. So if you eve think of picking on or messing with them, you'll be answering to this *points to self* Anwoosies. see ya!! [Avatar by: Madness307]
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geniecub's Favorite Questions
Q : you have a real cute art style ps you're really talented
thedarksorceress4 months ago
A : Tank you!
Q : Ugh baka! How long until the laptop is fixed!- I mean...uh it's not like I want to talk to you more or something....
17erezabout a month ago
A : I am so sorry! Its fixed now, my dad just won't connect my Internet graaah!! I just wish you had a facebook or something. I demand you get one! Ikureiio and a few other memecentarians talk to me on it :-(
Q : stop being so're making me sad...STOP....T^T
tau_zoo7134about a month ago
A : I'm sowwy! I'll try not to be sad, I don't want you sad!!
Q : My one question for you, Geniecub, is. Why are you so amazing? Also! Why is it that we hold hands in the hall way and call each other our Lesbians. When really! We are completely straight. Plus! I don't completely know why I choose you and not Rhiannon or Emily. Probably because Emily bites, but that's not what we are talking about! So, that Geniecub. Is my question for you. Why is it?
mickeybear55about a month ago
A : I'm amazing because I am dear Mickey, and we hold hands because I wuuuuuv ju!! (in a non homo-***ual way) And we call eachother lesbians because...Actually I'm not entirely sure, I think it's because it's fits our whole "relationship" thing XD
Q : umm it's not like i wanna turn you into a human dictionary or wikipedia or something but...
1.How does memecenter work on a mobile phone?
2.What is this MC prom?
3.Do you speak Dragonese?
4.Have you seen a REAL smurf??
5.Have you met *blushes a bit* Bill Cipher in person?
6.Is Flapjack gay??
7.Have you ever noticed that thing behind you??
8.Do you have a boyfriend?
9.Y u soooo awesome?
10.What are the secrets of the universe?
11.Are you getting pissed of to all these questions?
killerpinetree2717 days ago
A : 1. When on a mobile device and on Mc, you can look at posts, make comments, and status updates, but you can't view or send messages, or create gifs or comics to post.
2. I have no idea what the MC prom is. I've been trying to figure it out for a while now.
3.I don't...sadly
4. I have seen a real smurf. I will not tell where the location was.
5. No. But I really wish I did!
6. That's a good question...I'm 99.9% sure he is.
7. *gasps* I haven't! You have now enlightened me!

(Will continue)
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