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About gotera2
I am a huge Rooster Teeth fanboy, but mainly RWBY. As a result a lot of my content for the past 2-3 years as been just that, as well as trying to bring the fandom together on this website with a few others. I ship many things, but my OTP has gotta be Bumbleby (on a fine line with Korrasami).
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gotera2's Favorite Questions
Q : I always wondered who that guy on your avatar was. Is it you? O^O
sunnyluvdayzabout a year ago
A : That my good sir is a handsome Ruby Rose. If you can't tell yet from my profile I'm a bit of a fanboy.
Q : If you went to Beacon, what would you use? Just out of curiosity. You can pick something that someone else made or think of your own design.
rideroffamine11 months ago
A : Hmm, well if I had to pick one off of the show I'd have to go with Miló and Akoúo̱ or the Gunchuckus simply because I love spears and staffs. If you give me time then I might design one.
Q : When did you start watching RoosterTeeth?
addzy10 months ago
A : I got into Rooster Teeth somewhere around 4-5 years ago. The first video of their work that I ever saw was the Red vs Blue episode "You can't park here". After watching a bit more I started to watch RvB from the beginning. That was what introduced me to other things Rooster Teeth.
Q :

Might you help me to get into the RWBY fandom, I have gotten a slight glimpse but i crave more.

thesquaidsy9 months ago
A :

Well I can give you the links to the trailers and the first episode.
Red Trailer:
White Trailer:
Black Trailer:
Yellow Trailer:
First Episode:

It's recommended that you watch all 4 trailers first.

Q :

Didn't get the link you sent, inbox still broken XD

sithlord4 months ago
A :

Just some bumblebee

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