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About grumbledude
Authentic and independent - Dylon, his father Jack, and wife Ashley work together to forge their family`s unique brand identity as Whytes Online - Publishers of Scrapbook: a story of art - the free-to-read publication that`s causing a sensation across the nation - #JWScrapbook
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grumbledude's Favorite Questions
Q :

Rank 999...gotta be something...nice to meet you.

rich2316 months ago
A :

hehe, thanks, ditto! I was just creating a silly screencap meme to memorialize the "enormity" of the occasion. He said, tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Q :

Are you a wizard?

mystthemartiancat7 months ago
A :

Amongst many other things, yes! What makes you ask?

Q :

Two questions.
1. I've always assumed you were into LARPing based on your chain-mail. Am I correct?
2. No offence intended, but it seems like you're shitposting your face into everything, even if it doesn't make sense. Why are you doing this?

deepcut3 months ago
A :

Thanks for your questions, deepcut!

1 - I have been making, collecting and teaching chainmail for over 25 years. In that time I've dealt with just about every aspect of role-playing and recreation - fantasy, medieval, renaissance, steampunk, LARPing, etc...

2- None taken! Yes, pretty much! Mostly for my own amu*****t and promotion. Although - if you look deeply enough into Chainheadz memes there is an extra hidden layer of ironic humour.

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