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guest_7114's Favorite Questions
Q :

hey, I just wanted to say that I LOVE ur memes ;)

brenda_ramos27about a year ago
A :

thanks i love your memes to , you are awesome

Q :

is you a pedophile?

senpaitouchmeabout a year ago
A :

but i`m is kid too

Q :

Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Stephen Moffat ?

johnlumicabout a year ago
A :

I do have a moment actually

Q :

dat cover photo..
i know that feel bruh.... its called tawjehi in jordan , you got it ?

also a silly questions ahead :
favorite video game in general ?
favorite fps video game ?
favorite website beside Mc ?
favorite gaming console ?
favorite fantasy character ?
favorite anime ?

serious questions
morsi or sesi ? ( i see you like sadat much so you will defiantly choose sesi)
with or against making relations with israel ?
favorite fame Political Foreign person ?

duh, feel free to answer :)

malik_chuck_norrisabout a year ago
A :

video game : fifa or pes
fps video game: never played any i guess
favorite website :youtube
favorite gaming console : i don`t have any but played xbox and ps4 but ps4 is better
fantasy character : batman
favorite anime : naruto and bleach ,one piece ,death note

i really dislike both of them morsi for being an idiot and sisi for being a little bit girly

against making relations with terrorists

john stewart and باسم يوسف و السادات

Q :

Are you the one? ♡

shortyshrimpabout a year ago
A :

Yes i `m

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