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About halotroll
I'm Halotroll . . . . i live like a human life . . . .and i love to draw anime and make meme . . . because is fun also make people smile :) if you have any question about me . . . . message me :3 oh I HAVE A DEVIANTART ACCOUNT > AND OTHER ACCOUNT TOO >
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halotroll's Favorite Questions
Q : I just LOVE how you draw yourself as an alien ! It's adorable , I want to hug you cute little alien !
noisetheracoonabout a year ago
A :
Q : i love your drawings , i want to buy a graphic tablet too but i am not sure because is very different than drawing on paper and you need to look at the screen while you draw , can you say me the differences betwen drawing with a graphic tablet and drawing on paper , advantages and disadvantages and what graphic tablet do you have ?
emyyy11 months ago
A : use tablet have more advantages than paper. Tablet is very easy to use it only few minute get use to it....If you draw on paper a lot. The disadvantages is the tablet is cost a lot but some cost really cheap.. Like this one > YouTube can help you use tablet. Tablet like a pen draw on paper but this you do on computer screen... The point is...tablet is really easy to use.
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