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From United Kingdom, 24 years old.
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About imnotrude
im not rude :)
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Q : What caused you to start following me?
kr1t1kal_sh0t9 months ago
A : I saw the comment you made on
you said "ADDBLOCK FOR THE WIN!" i thought it was a good comment so checked out your profile
and then saw your funny meme and decided to follow you
thank you very much for asking :)
Q : Oh.
Hey there Marry.
What are you doing on memecenter?
mimi5656579 months ago
A : This is a fun question
But im not mary i just have her as my profile picture cause she looks nice
im not pretending to be her either like others on thumblr and deviantart
sorry to say that if you was expecting that but i can help by giving you some links to people that do that
and on memecenter i just enjoy this fun site while being nice
thanks for asking:)
Q : How is it to live in the UK? :D
the_benjerman8 months ago
A : Quite frankly i'd much prefer to live somewhere els but it's a rather mundane sort of life,
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