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From United States, 22 years old.
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About isaacgrim6195
Just a humble artist/writer who enjoys memes and a good laugh.
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isaacgrim6195's Favorite Questions
Q : Your go-tee
It's so pretty
Do you use conditioner?
swayingmushroom10 months ago
A : Body wash/conditioner, yes. And I've been known to on occasion deliver it a swift death thanks to me clumsily shaving in the morning. And I'm the sort of person who does NOT look good clean shaven.
Q : why did the chicken cross the road?
black.p.crew11 months ago
A : To seek freedom in a new world where his motives would not constantly fall under questioning.
Q : When you get really famous and really lvl-upish (because that will happen really soon), can i say i was watching you since you were a little meme-seed ?
fifouille10 months ago
A : I'm gonna break this one down into a few little bits.
1. I don't know how famous and level-uppish I'm going to get. But I'm thrilled to see such faith in me :D
2. There's no physical way I could actually stop you from saying that.
3. I totally encourage you to say that. So "Yes."
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