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From France, 15 years old.
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About jaydrawspandas
I'M THE PANDA HERO. Yo! You can call me Jay. I'm so awkward. What should I say? I love punk/hard/alternative rock, anime, art, pizza and Pokémon. • • • • Yup, I don't have a tablet, I just draw by hand and then use magic called Paint Tool SAI with my wonderful mouse - some days I'm so lazy that I post traditional drawings. • • • • Here's my ask, little punks. • • • • • • •
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Q : What's your favorite anime? I'm caught between Fairy Tail and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.
holyshadow735 months ago
A : Hunter X Hunter, definitely, don't ask me why I'm so obssessed wiTH THIS ANIME GDI
I also like a lot Code Geass, Psycho-Pass, Noragami, Kuroko's Basket, Free! and FMA, I would have said "Black Butler" if it was about the manga, but the anime sucks a bit. Voilà!~
Q : do you like horror genre video games? *Holding a knife*
holyshadow735 months ago
A : Yuup. But even if I'd loooooove to, I don't often play video games. Tho I'm a big fan of horror pixel games as Ib, Misao, Mad Father, or The Crooked Man. ^^
Q : Your Memecenter persona seems to look very similar to Ruby Rose from RWBY, any influences or inspiration there?
memeguychase5 months ago
A : Nope, not at all, I've never seen this character before, but that could have been an inspiration, yeah
This persona is inspired by IRL me - a better and cuter me I guess - I just have this hairstyle, brown, not too long, with bangs & red hair, that's all ^^
Q : 1. How long have you been drawing?
2. What's your favorite anime?
3. And what's the first rock Artist/Band you have ever listened to? If you did remember :3
kevinx5 months ago
A : 1. Since I was very little, tbh, I don't really know when I began, but I know I always had a pencil in my hand c:
2. My favorite anime has to be Hunter X Hunter or Code Geass, & at the moment Noragami. Badass!
3. I think it was Green Day, I was obssessed with them at one point of my life & they still are one of my all-time favorite bands :3
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