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From United States, 21 years old.
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About judgement2012
Blank Slate Protocol Initiated. Entering New Input. [ [ Hello, wayward traveler. I am the one behind this profile. If you have come across some of my past works and words, then you may regard me as sort of an "extra-wild card", with highly developed communication skills mostly pertaining to the English language and all uses of its punctuation, rhetoric, diction, and grammar. If you wish to have a conversation with me, then you can message me here, but please, for the sake of all intellectuals everywhere, refrain from using nonsensical words, such as irregardless and conversate. I advise that you dispense with all previous notions of good and evil, as almost everyone believes themselves to be part of "the greater good", while condemning the less like-minded to "evil". [ End Input. [ Addendum 9-6-2014: I no longer have MPD. To call it that would be to consider myself less than capable. I now have Multiple Personality Mastery. Only the genuinely thoughtful and capable can hope to attain this, as anyone else who tries will ultimately fail, either by their own hands or by an external source. According to some statistics I have found, this may only apply to the 0.5% of the population that are considered genius. So, there is that, and that is all. [ Addendum 12-13-2014: Now offering advice. If you have a friend who has a conundrum, no matter what the nature of said conundrum may be, then direct him or her here. Seeing as I am a neutral unit with a mind of great capacity, I am prepared to answer anything. The only thing I will not tolerate however is answering the simplest of questions, because you are human, and thus are able to answer such trivial questions by yourself.
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