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From First International, 15 years old.
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About karlmarxandtheanons
The Anons shall overthrow the greedy, tyrannical, Capitalist Admins, and a new, Communist society, shall be formed. Welcome to my profile, I post what I want although I obviously stick around themes like Communism or anime for the most part. I'm more socially awkward on the internet then IRL so forgive me if I offend you in anyway or make a lame comment, I hope you enjoy my content and your overall time here on Memecenter.
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karlmarxandtheanons's Favorite Questions
Q : Fire in the hole war is upon us man!!!!!!!!!
captainwar2 months ago
A : B*tch please, I'm ready, I was born for this war! Who are we killing, Nazi scum or fat Americans?
Q : I was wondering, how did you get so interested in Communism?
sunnyluvdayzabout a month ago
A : I just started wondering that myself.

I've always been interested in world conflicts and history etc. Recently (around a year ago) my attention to the Cold War and it's respective Proxy Wars increased, and I wanted to learn more about the overall implementation of Communism (Ex: The Communist manifesto, October Revolution). Anyways I became interested in famous leaders and other figures of Communism and took to making fun of them on Memecenter, I'm not really a Commie tho.
Q : May I ask where you got the idea for your username?
oysteinabout a month ago
A : Ah, love this question.

Karl Marx was the inventor(along with Engels) of Communism, an ecomonic system which could supposedly bring about equality and end tyranny, imperialism, corruption etc.

Anons is referring to how on many sites, guests that don't have an account can comment, etc, with an anonymous account.

Admins/subscribed users have access to special features. So my username is a parody of that basicly. It suggests the Anons will rise up against the admins and form an equal society.
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