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karumen posted a status update

Guess who's not back?
Yea me.
'Karu been gone for a month, what happened? OO:'
I'll tell you:
Exams. The laptop was taken away from me and I only had my phone.

So, when am I coming back?
3 weeks time darlings,
Im sorry for deserting you so, but I will be back.
Like the terminator.

about a year ago
karumen posted a status update
I'm off tomorrow to go see my Granny who lives like 10 hours away from me.
[I have to travel in a car with my baby brother! D:<...Hope he behaves =^=]
I'll be staying there for a whole week, and there is nooo internet <W>"...
But I'll take my laptop and tablet with to do a bunch of comics, so when I come back, I'll upload a bunch of stuff! :3

Im going to miss you, all of my Fuzzballs <33
about a year ago
karumen posted a status update
How can you learn to Draw??

So many people have asked me: "Karu please teach me how to draw!!"
And I've always replied with: "I'm sorry I cant, you cant just learn a specific talent and expect to be good at it."

Many people want to draw, yet some just cant do it. My friend who has been trying to draw for 5 years still draws...well, not the best.
All of us have talents for different things, dont try and force yourself to learn a talent you cant grasp.

I'm not being mean, but when I wanted to learn how to play violin, my teacher told me this:
"With something like this, you need the natural talent. You cannot just learn it. You need the passion and the heart for it."

So what, if you cant draw, try something else!! You are capable of so many things, open your door to everything, try everything!
You'll never know if you're good at something without trying.
about a year ago
I Have No Idea Where I'm Going To Fit Him In O-O
I'm Sorry I Had To.
karumen posted a status update
Shingeki No no no non on on noooo no no NOT THAT CHARACTER.

My dad said Shingeki No Kyojin is a cartoon for kids.
I'm sorry dad.
Was there not enough blood and horror?
Was there not enough deaths of important and loveable characters?

When a Titan comes around my town we'll see who'll be the first to say "I wish I watched that show about the Titans!!"
about a year ago
karumen posted a status update
Thank you all for the Birthday wishes <33 [Even though I feel fucking old, but now I can get an I.D, ahahah!]
I didn't get much.
I got A LOT of money though, up to 700 bucks. [that's like 63 U.S Dollars.]
The pillow I need is only 400.
So guess who's dumping her real boyfriend for a pillow?
....[kidding, If I dumped Yuu I wouldn't have any one to smack around.]

Thank you guys anyways <333
about a year ago
karumen posted a status update
And thus, I bid you all a goodbye till next weekend!!
It's my birthday on Thursday. I'm getting 200 bucks to help me buy the body pillow I want.
That's all I want for my birthday.
A body pillow..
That I can Love.
That I can Hold.
That I can Fuck.

Ok whatever bye bi.
about a year ago
karumen posted a status update
So I've been doing hours and hours of research on Japanese websites [which I had to sit and translate <_>"]
I've been curious about Levi's age.
The author wanted to keep it a secret, but hahahaha, I found an interview where they give a hint on his age!
Levi is 30+!

I'm 15 and I'm the same height as a 30+-year-old-man.
Not sure if midget.
about a year ago
Let's Just Say His Thoughs Are Very...'clean'
karumen posted a status update

Levi Rivaille as your teacher.

Levi Rivaille as your sports coach.

Levi Rivaille as your scary-serious-stern father

Levi Rivaille swimming in your bowl of ravioli <333

Ok I'm done now.
about a year ago
karumen posted a status update
So I'm planning to do an "Attack On Titan" Memecenter theme drawing.
Now I'm going to choose a list of people who we all know and who I admire and look up to,
I'll take them and draw them in the uniform of the Survey Corps from A.O.T.

I wont tell you who I'm putting in, if I do, I'm going to get a lot of messages from people asking for me to put them in.
I hope I can finish this in time!
about a year ago
Attack On Flappy Bird!
karumen posted a status update
Im b- Yea yea yea you get the drill, I'm back, whatever.
I've been extra mean. I've been extra bitchy. I've been extra violent. Why? I dont know I think I'm shrinking.

Anyways, my week was busy with tests, yet I spent a whole night watching 'Attack On Titans'
Was it a good idea? YES. I loved it, best anime of 2013. it comes..
I'm into Levi x Eren shipping. Knowing me that's not a surprise. [I'm not the only one who likes it!]

Back on Topic: New comic coming out, I'll work on it right away!
about a year ago
karumen posted a status update
So before I start working, I found something that might just grab the attention of all the SNK fans. [Attack on Titan]

Now I stumbled upon this by luck, this is for the people that want to play any game related to SNK.[Who dont have the 3DS game]

This online game allows you to play single player, or multiplayer. You can also play as Levi, Eren [And Titan Eren], Mikasa, Armin, Marco, Jean etc.

I know some of you already know this place, but it's just a heads up for any new fans <3
If any one ever feels like playing with me, just send me a message and we can arrange something!
about a year ago
karumen posted a status update
Yes, your worst nightmare has finally returned with a lot of bad news! Hope you're in a jolly good mood!
Kidding, it wasn't bad.
I would have lost you guys forever though, my dad lost his job and couldn't afford to keep our internet going...but...
Yuu came to the rescue, offering to pay for us.
My big tests are coming up, so I CANT do anything for now, but dont worry, I have some things in store for you all.

Not much to say...just a lot of work to do! Hopefully I can give you all a lot more next weekend!

That's all, love you my fuzzballs <3
about a year ago
karumen posted a status update
So I just stumbled upon a little show on Youtube called:

"The most popular girls in school" this show, just, fucking hell. I thought I had a fucking cursing problem, now I ran into this piece of wonderful shit
and now I'm fucking cursing more than ever.

[You guys need to watch it. It's fan-fucking-cock-sucking-tastic]
about a year ago
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