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About kikido
Strange little white-washed Mexican neko vampire who people think is Asian. Yea I'm a mix of crazy and just what the f*ck stuff. ^^
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kikido's Favorite Questions
Q : BOOB PROFILE PIC.Anyways on to the point.Where did you learn how to draw?I can't draw for shit :/ Unless I learn the drawing.Then Im still slightly shitty.awesome posts though.and remember.Whatever tomatoes must always potato.
mohdjawharabout a year ago
A : YESH! THE BOOBS! I learned from tracing pictures and off of my friends who were learning too. Then I just kinda developed it on my own. Now I'm in art school so I'm learnin there. I've been drawing for about 8 or so years and I'm still learning. I shall remember! >:D
Q : what kind of neko is your character?
rikterr989about a year ago
A : A Neko Vampire
Q : BTW date me please ! ;)
merobrineabout a year ago
A : Sorry I'm already taken ^^"
Q :

This may sound very corny but you are one of the few reason that I am happy. Your memes, albeit few, were literally the best and made me gush rivers through my genitals every time I saw them. And it saddens me beyond words to know that you will not even draw never mind make memes. What ever has happened to you I hope that you will power through like I know you can and draw, as it brightens my week whenever I see one of your memes. Will you please pick up a pen and bring happiness to my days?

tauzoo22 days ago
A :

Aw thank you for the compliment. I know I haven't been around here at all lately, I'm attending art school and during the quarters, the projects for that is all I am able to focus on. I miss drawing my comics, I really do. But, I haven't given up yet on them. I just got a new computer that will work much better so I'll be making more comics soon! :3

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