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About luciper
Hey guys! I'm a drawer that tries to improve herself and that draws for fun! Feel free to criticize my drawings, I love it! :D I accept any Art trade and/or drawing requests, just send me a message, don't be shy! :D Have fun ya'll! <3
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luciper's Favorite Questions
Q : What do you use to draw? :D
moyotown5 months ago
A : Paint Tool SAI. :3
Q : do you have DA? (•ω•)
cleeted4 months ago
A : I do, but I don't really use it. o: I might remake one, maybe. ^-^
Q : You're Awesome (/=w=)/
delta.3 months ago
A : Thank yew! *^*
Q : How do you see art? Do you draw for fun? or stress relief? or as an escape from the insanity of life?
deathpunchesabout a month ago
A : I think it's pretty much all of those. :3 Sometimes I draw because I want to, other times I draw becuase I HAVE to, because then, if I don't, I am a lot more stressed irl. xD But those I'll never post those kind of drawings, because they're usually very gory without a lot of signification.
Q : Of a scale from 1 - 10
How kawaii are you?
merkmakerabout a month ago
A : I don't know. o wo
You tell me. x3
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