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From United States, 19 years old.
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About lunalovesu94
shh no tears only dreams meow♥ :*
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Q : hi Luni c: how are you today? i was just looking at your awesome posts :D i hope you will be more active in the future again, you're my favorite MC user after all. you know rayyzu was always your n1 fan....and secret admirerer for a long time c: you're not only a funny meme maker, you're also a great community member, you're so nice to every user here. i'm so lucky to have you babe, because you're the most caring and sweetest girl i've ever met. thx for being the best gf eva!!! volim te bebo
rayyzo3 months ago
A : cutie pie !! :D omg you are just the sweetest and the best boyfriend evaa!!! /.\ i'm doing good and how are you ? :3 and i will le make more post ^-^ <3 no worries .. soon ;0 <3 muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaah :* volim i ja tebe bebo :* you're my favorite user in MC too of course /.\ i love you c: 5evaaaa nevaaa 5get ;)
Q : I miss you already babe, this is going to be a boring week without you... i wish you luck and much success ;) i know you can do it :* I love you
rayyzo7 months ago
A : i know babe, im gonna miss you so much too!!! i love you too ♥♥ & thanks hehe now i know i can do it:3
Q : how's my sweet baby girl doing? i miss you :*
rayyzo8 months ago
A : i'm great :D! and how are you? c:
I miss you too!! :c
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