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m.h.m's Favorite Questions
Q : all time fav movie? ^_^
revvy3 months ago
A : that's a question i have fav movies if i have to chose top one it will be ( Braveheart ) and it was the first movie i ever seen in cinema

Q : How many cigars do you smoke a day?
rufus2933 months ago
A : one every day after work to relax after a long day of work
Q : what is your favorite cartoon / anime ?
bigchill3 months ago
A : my favorite anime / cartoon hmmmm that's hard i have a LOT of favorite animes i can't choose one if i have to choose i have two favorites of all time for me the first is grendizer the 2nd is conan future boy those two are my favorite anime of all TIME and my childhood
Q :

i will just drop a bunch of random questions
- what is your favourite video game ?
-what is your favourite tv show ?
-what is your favourite superhero ?
-turning super saiyan or having gundam suit what you will chose?

blue_flame2 months ago
A :

my favorite video game is halo 1 i have so much memories with this game me and my friends we used to go to a gaming coffee shop there wasn't any online gaming back then we only play lan games, we play halo 1 8 vs 8 blood gulch 1 game for about 10 hours minimum and i was always the lowst in death my highest score was 835 kills and only die 13 in one game and if you are asking how i did it i am the ******* who uses the tank :P

my favorite tv show doctor who with no doubt

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