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About madnesstroll
The Official MadnessTroll Page, information follows: The Best Art here ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ and here ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ From, MadnessTroll as in madness - troll is a Comic Meme Maker and wants to be a real artist when the study begins. Drawing History: I was 3 years old and started watching TV, the first thing I saw was Anime and since then I started drawing like it. Gender: I don't really care about my gender, I am born with the Male Gender and like the Female Gender but competitive with other males I don't feel like a male for more reasons: 1# I don't watch sport or do it. [I just hate it, HATE IT!!!] 2# I have nothing with cars. [others are like "I know everything about it" and then I nothing] 3# I don't play video games. [go away childhood!!!] and that's why my OC looks like a Female :)
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madnesstroll's Favorite Questions
Q : I noticed nobody has asked this >~< but what do you use to draw i'd been using paint tool SAI then the trial ended so i tried gimp and thats just confusing also you gained a follower ^.^ Hi!
gothypingu6 months ago
A : hi :) i use Macromedia Flash 8
Q : Could you try drawing Syphon? :P
wendythedevil5 months ago
A : i'm sorry, i don't do any art requests anymore because i don't have the time for that but i'll make everything until the request of deadparty in my weekend and then i'll make comics like the last one ;)
Q : What kind of music do you listen to? c:
analolumadbro6 months ago
A : i listen to rap music and anime soundtracks and also normal music from 1970 until 2006 (and nobody made any good song anymore!!!) i don't like remixes because it rapes the good songs, i do like parody music because it makes fun of the singers and it makes the original songs funny
Q : how do you have so many followers? :P
rickrocks1237 months ago
A : well you have to make original things on memecenter that almost nobody can make and the regular meme text makes people think you are a regular meme maker and not an original one so you have to use for better text ;)
Q : soooo? you want to be a girl?
terrru7 months ago
A : well it was always my dream but step by step humanity took it away from me, you see... people don't wanted to be my friends anymore and my family said that if i do it they kick me out of the house so i don't really have any other choice then stay how i am :)
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