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From the Secret Service, 19 years old.
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About meiji
About me

Just your ordinary guy living the 'Murican life. Although I kinda discovered how fucked up my head really was from the moment I was in a plane and had nothing better to do but imagine stuff. So if any of you are telepaths, I recommend you guys stay away from my head, there's a lot of fucked up shits in there and you guys be all like
------> ಠ_ಠ???

Personal Profile

Name: you'll find out :P
Gender: seriously, you guys have to use common sense if you can't answer that
Hobby: I like to think of naughty things, regardless if they're straight, gay, or weird
Favorite Food: Spaghetti!!! nuff said
Occupation: none, so you better give me a job 'Murica or else I'm gonna go all terrorist on you!!!
Home Country: that sir is a highly classified information
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meiji's Favorite Questions
Q : Nice posts!
djcreeper5 months ago
A : thanks dude :)
Q : If you could be any landmass what would it be?
tau_zoo71343 months ago
A : I'd be a Volcano so I could kill people while puking haha!
Q : It seems that you are a popular son of a Philly. Why is it hard for you to get a gf?? O_O will it be impossible for the likes of us to have one then? XD
ihlywaell2 months ago
A : personality man, you can't just have looks (>_<)
Q : yup yup that's you
shadow-stingerabout a month ago
A : yeah it's me
Q : wow, from what was your thesis?
cthulhu_sanabout a month ago
A : My thesis revolves around statistics, I make a program that allows the user to rate themselves on what course they are interested in using the persons personality.

In other words, it's just a program that tells you what course you should get depending on your interest
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