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From United States, 14 years old.
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About meowmeowvintage
back and active 0u0 atleast for awhile
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meowmeowvintage's Favorite Questions
Q : yay i just found the first person who knows homestuck AND minecraft :D and it's YOU!
yabbajab7 months ago
A : Yep, I love anime, homestuck (squeeeee) minecraft, and mannyyy random things! Always cool to have a new follower, thank you!
Q : (who is your patron?)
i-will-end-you7 months ago
A : WELL my patron is karkat, but my zodiac (capricorn) is gamzee
Q : Wow, you're awesome! Btw, are you really 13? o.o ~Just wondering.~
kawaiikimmii7 months ago
A : Yep, I'm pretty awesome for my age. I know. Not everyone can be as fabulous as me. You peasants are lucky that i will even read your meaningless questions( Just kdding! ^_^ thanks for the question, and you're awesome too!)
Q : are you a walrus and what is your favourite anime
bailss7 months ago
A : No......I'm a bee. Duh. As for a favorite anime... Hmm... That's a hard one. I love hetalia, and recently i have been liking attack on titan... Bleach.... God, i can't choose.
Q : can i see your deviantart ?
amayra.sadaoui7 months ago
A : Link: i did a post about it a while ago ^_^
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