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From Very Wet Dreams, 119 years old.
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About merkmaker
Good day. I'm merkmaker, an anime poster on MemeCenter and member of Team B.E.D.U.M. My nee-chan is UltimateBeatdown and you better don't touch her. If you do so: I will get you and kill you. No one touches my lovely nee-chan. I love her way more than anyone else could do and i will punish everyone who gets near her. I am from very wet dreams and have a lewd mind. I'm a proud lesbian and don't care if people don't like homosexuality. I am just how i am. I also really love hugs (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
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merkmaker's Favorite Questions
Q : do you know touhou?
some Characters:
Marisa Kirisame
poklowthealien4 months ago
A : Yes, i do know touhou. I watched some gameplay of it, looked at all the ytpmvs of it and informed me about it, I started to like it and actually wanted to play one of those games. I played Touhou: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. That's also why Flandre is my favourite char. of the touhou games. She was hard as a boss and i felt sorry for her. Besides that: She's cute as well and still so innocent. That's why she's my favourite.
Q : Who is your favorite Yuru Yuri character?
unceldolan2 months ago
A : Chitose Ikeda!
She is so cute, calm, friendly and always has a smile on her face. Her voice is adorable and she is the probably the cutest character in the whole anime. I expecially love it when she fantasies about Ayano and Kyoko that they actually have relationship. And she goes on kissing rampage after she ate chocolate. What is not to love about her?
Q : Your top 5 anime?
thelivingvirusabout a month ago
A : 1. Yuru Yuri
2. Dangan Ronpa
3. Soul Eater
4. Mirai Nikki
5. Fairy Tail
Q : You only need me, right? No one else. Just me.
littlelilly26 days ago
A : You are kinda overly attached but else i only need you
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